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Check out all of the funny videos coming straight out of Dick Laser Land! Are you tired of traditional, red-dot laser pointers? We are too. Visit this page whenever you want a real chuckle or need an idea for a hilarious prank, gag gift, bachelorette party favor, when you want to play a trick on your office co-worker, professor or any one of your teachers, if you have a mortal enemy in your college dorm, your best friend in your fraternity, or when you need inspiration for how to play around with your cat. Send us your own Dick Lazer content by DM'ing us on Instagram or emailing us at


Watch this real customer video of their Dick Lazer! #gaggift #summer #laser

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Introducing Dick Lazers: the Gag Gift of the Century! Human kind has evolved for millennia to come up with the perfect gag gift for their friends. The Eiffel Tower. The Statue of Liberty. The Pyramids of Giza. Where will we see it next? #monuments

Do you have a (Bi) Curious Cat? All cats love playing with laser pens, especially this one...#dick #lasers #dicklazers