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The Official Dick Lazer

The Official Dick Lazer

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Shine 5 dicks at your friends, enemies, loved-ones and strangers! Perfect for pranks, bachelorette parties, nights out / nights in, birthday gag gifts, and anybody with a sense of humor...

FEATURES: 5 hilarious dicks, high-powered red dot laser (over 1000 ft. range), Flashlight, blacklight, USB charged. Lightweight - 1.4 oz

WARNING: Must be 18 to order. Please see safety page for details and usage. We are not responsible for injury caused by Dick Lazers to oneself or others. We take no responsibility for how Dick Lazers are used. Dick Lazer customers are responsible for their own behavior. Use at own risk. Please use responsibly! 
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Customer Reviews

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James T
One of the greatest inventions ever!!

This is perhaps one of the greatest inventions ever!! Works exactly like advertised and has endless potential applications—including legitimate dick-less home and business applications. The quality is good and shipping was lightning-fast. I would like to see a stronger magnifying glass at the tip for better and farther projection, but if this is as good as it gets, it’s still great. I highly recommend the Dick Lazer!!

Dennis Back

The Official Dick Lazer

Travis Castle

There’s two sides, normal and ADHD. Amazingly funny. Much better in person


Works great but could be just a bit brighter but I love it!!!

Great prank device

Highly recommended for a good laughs

That's what we like to hear!

NEW PRANK INVENTION: Bring laughter with a laser pen that projects 5 penises. Shine them at your friends and enemies. Be the life of the party and prank your friends. Create a funny memory that everyone will remember.

DICK PROJECTING LAZER/FLASHLIGHT: shines 5 different funny cartoon penis images, 1 red dot laser pointer, 1 flashlight, and 1 blacklight. Comes with USB charger so the fun never stops! 

USES: Office pranks, college fraternity & sorority fun, bar & club shenanigans, pranking friends, hilarious bachelorette party favor, and more. Light up the party once it gets dim! 

GREAT GIFT IDEA: gag gifts, novelty gifts, birthday, bachelorette party, Halloween, father's day, Christmas stocking stuffer, white elephant, party favor, gifts for him and her.

HIGH QUALITY & FUNCTIONAL: The red dot laser is useful for presentations, flashlight feature omits high-powered white light, and blacklight feature is great for inspecting money, ID's and more. It's made from lightweight stainless steel and comes with a USB charger. 1.4 oz, 5 in.